Monday, February 20, 2012

Nokia N9 for Idea SIM card Gprs setting

You want to set GPRS  settings on Nokia N9 manually for  Idea network. So for  Idea fallowing are the manual settings.
For Idea/Idea WAP
Account Name or Connection Name: Idea
Access Point Name(APN):
Proxy IP:

Account Name or Connection Name: Idea GPRS
Access Point Name(APN):

Account Name or Connection Name: IdeaSTREAM
Access Point Name(APN):

Fallow The Steps:
You can set up your system with configurations that are necessary for certain
solutions. Your company may also deliver you these configurations.
Select Menu > Settings > Configuration > Personal configuration settings.

Personal configuration settings -to personally add new individual records for various solutions and to switch on or remove them. To add a new individual consideration if you have not included any, choose Add new; otherwise, select Options > Add new.Choose the assistance kind, pick and enter each of the required guidelines. The guidelines differ according to the selected assistance kind. To remove or switch on a personal account, search to it, choose Options > Delete or Activate.